PROTECTA mechanical warranties are available with most vehicles – giving you piece of mind with Maxi Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The Maxi Policy covers your vehicle for any sudden and unforseen Mechanical Breakdown subject to the Terms and Conditions and Limits of Liability stated in the Policy.



PROTECTA Insurance Maxi Policy covers the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles up to 225,000kms at time of purchase
  • Vehicles up to 20 years at time of purchase
  • Gross vehicle weight up to 3,500kg



  • PROTECTA offers 24 hour, 7 days a week Roadside Assistance.  Just telephone 0800 HELP TO U (0800 435 7868)
  • The cost of hiring a rental vehicle is covered (up to $300)*
  • In the event of a breakdown, PROTECTA Insurance will cover for the towing costs (up to $100)*
  • PROTECTA Insurance even pays for your accommodation in case you have to stay overnight (up to $300)
  • Factory fitted audio systems are covered (up to maximum of $400)*

No matter how carefully you guard yourself, the unexpected can happen. PROTECTA Insurance Optimum Policy gives you peace of mind whether you’re out on the open road, or just out for a great weekend.


We can help you with vehicle insurance, both full cover and third party cover.  With our buying power, we can offer you the best deal on the market to make sure you are fully insured when you drive your new vehicle home.